Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee || Summer Lovin’ 2013

Today, Summer Lovin’ers are to introduce each other to their favorite fictional female. 

If you know me really well, you know that I oft use Game of Thrones quotes in typical conversation (YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW). And you’d also know, that I love Daenerys Targaryen. Today, we’re talking about the Mother of Dragons.

Daenerys is played flawlessly by Emilia Clarke in the television adaption show of Game of Thrones.

What I love about her is that in the beginning of the book, she is this meek, quiet little girl, whose only family is a brother who abuses her constantly. Despite the fact she was born a princess, her family’s throne was taken when she was a baby, with her and her brother being the only Targayren’s who knowingly escaped.

In the beginning of A Game of Thrones, she is sold off against her will to a warlord, a khal named Drogo of the Dothraki. As his queen, a khalessi, she begins to develop into this strong young woman over the course of the first book. At one point, she is pregnant with the khal’s son, and her brother puts a sword to her belly to threaten her husband to keep his end of the bargain that he striked when he sold Dany. Daenerys watches as her brother has molten gold poured over his head, killing him, and utters, “Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

Near the end of the book, her husband is dying, her son is dead, and Daenerys takes the slaves and lets them have the option of staying with her and fighting for her, or leaving and being free men. She wears to them that anyone who would harm them would die. With that, she walks into his funeral pyre. She burns his body on the pyre along with Mirri Maz Duur (a maegi she used to bring Drogo back to life by sacrificing her unborn child) and enters the flames with her petrified dragon eggs she was gifted at her wedding. The flames magically trade life for life, killing the maegi and hatching the three dragons while leaving Daenerys unharmed.

Over the reign of the books, Daenerys dragons grow along with her as a character. She “sells” one of her dragons, the only three in the world, for an army, and then has that dragon kill the slaveholder of the army, and lets her army of Unsullied save a slavers city. Daenerys, once a slave herself in a sense, sets slaves free. She develops over the course of the books from this tiny, meek little princess into a strong, capable woman with dragons and an army at her side. “All men must die, but we are not men.”

I can go on and on about Daenerys, but I’ll end it at this. She really is one of my favorite characters in a series that depicts women as the strong ones in a world that caters only to men.

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  1. bookbunnys

     /  July 3, 2013

    I forget to add Daenerys to one of my favourite female characters! Glad you did though 😉

  2. YES YES YES!!! I didn’t pick her because I haven’t read the books yet, but it is on my must do soon list.

    Here’s mine: http://suchanovelidea.com/2013/07/03/summer-lovin-read-a-thon-day-3/

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

    • Oh, you must read the books soon. They’re forever long but so captivating once you start getting into it.; A+ on Hermione, she’s def in the top ten!

      • I just watched the entire series in 4-5 days last month! I can’t believe I didn’t get on the band wagon sooner. I’ve got the books on hold at the library, so soon! ❤

    • The series is great too, but in s2 it basically just started deviating from the books. Mostly small things, but enough to piss fans off.

      The first four are in a bookset on WalMart’s website for like 22-23 dollars if that hold list is forever long 😛

      Let me know how you like them! x


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