Summer Lovin’ Read-A-Thon: Day 1 || Class Orientation

Hi, howdy, hello, and greetings! Luckily, I’m right on time with today’s post, since I have about an hour left of today where I am. Excuse my lateness, as I’ve just gotten home from The Big Apple after an intense… well, intensive at NYU and I’ve spent the majority of the night unpacking and getting my Teen Wolf on.

Anyway, today is the first day of the Summer Lovin’ Read-A-Thon hosted by Reviewing Wonderland.Not signed up? Time’s a-wasting, you’ve got until July 6th to get to it, and sooner is always better, and you may win some fabulous prizes. Head on over to Read-a-Thon Central and sign up today!

First up for the read-a-thon is to introduce ourselves.

388224_10150504489647788_267811310_nI go by a plethora of names. Anna, Lily, or my personal favorite – “Merida,” given to me by someone who relentlessly teases me for my sometimes-red (natural) hair.  I am a book whore and I suffer from compulsive book buying. I have three floor-to-ceiling book cases, they’re already completely full and double stacked. Anyway, let’s get started!

1.) Where are you blogging from?

I am blogging from a small town right outside of the horrifyingly boring Montgomery, Alabama. Everybody knows everybody and their business, and everybody loves their sweet tea and their football. Me being the obvious exception, of course. About the football, not the tea. The only semi-cool thing about Wetumpka is that it’s built in a crater impact from a kagillion years ago. The bad thing? A little water falls from the sky and it’s suddenly Noah’s Ark out here in the bottom of this basin. If you’ve ever seen the movie Big Fish, a ton of the scenes were shot here.

2.) Why did you start blogging/reading?

I’ve always liked to read, even as a kid. Even my fourth grade teacher commented once that my middle name must be Library, considering I visited more than any other kid in my grade at the time. Every year I’d rack up the most Accelerated Reader points and win a cheap medal or something. I had read all the books within my reading level and by the time 8th grade rolled around, there was a serious lack of books in my middle school library I hadn’t already read in the previous years. It’s always been that way for me. I was able to zone off on class and leave this world for the one I was reading. I didn’t have many friends growing up and my siblings did their own things and these characters in books were there for me. I lost myself in the written words.

I started this blog mainly to showcase my writing, and with some nudging from Emma, I started reviewing the books I read at the end of last year.

3.) What is your favorite genre?

As I’m sure you can tell from my archives page, my favorite genre is mostly within the confines of the Young Adult category. I generally prefer this category due to the lack of horny characters going at it like gorillas every chapter that I seemed to always find whenever I picked up a novel that wasn’t categorized at YA. However, I’ve been venturing into New Adult every once in a while. But if I find the plot summary appealing, I’ll more than likely read it, no matter the genre. Give me paranormal, contemporary, historical, romance, thriller, sci-fi, I will read it if it seems appealing.

Goal for Summer Lovin’ Read-a-Thon

I want to try and finish my current read, and try and read a couple more books before the weeks end. It probably won’t be easy, considering it is Independence Day this week (for us  American’s, anyway). So even with that going on, here are some books I really want to get to this week. Click on the picture to go to the goodreads page for each novel.

1745398312109772Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00071]

Going Under is my current read, though I haven’t delved much into it.

Aaaand, that’s about it. Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great week x

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