Shadowland – Meg Cabot


Author: Meg Cabot/Jenny Carroll

Rating: 5/5

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Suze is a mediator — a liaison between the living and the dead. In other words, she sees dead people. And they won’t leave her alone until she helps them resolve their unfinished business with the living. But Jesse, the hot ghost haunting her bedroom, doesn’t seem to need her help. Which is a relief, because Suze has just moved to sunny California and plans to start fresh, with trips to the mall instead of the cemetery, and surfing instead of spectral visitations.

But the very first day at her new school, Suze realizes it’s not that easy. There’s a ghost with revenge on her mind … and Suze happens to be in the way.


Oh, Meg. You can write anything, can’t you? *le sigh* Meg is the author of one of my favorite series – Airhead. Seriously. If you like Meg Cabot and haven’t read that trilogy, go do it. It’s not something I’d normally pick up but it was awesome.

Now, Shadowland. I picked this up at a thrift store a couple weeks ago for 99 cents! Gah, I devoured it in one night, and repeatedly texted Emma “WHOSE THIS? WHOSE THAT? WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS?” because I don’t own the rest of the series, unfortunately, and I’d like to read them. Alas, she tells me nada.

It is a story of Susannah “Suze” Simon who is a mediator and feels it is her job is to get lost souls to the other side where they belong, and not hounding her twenty-four-seven. She has had this power since she was too young to understand and realized that she could see all these people that her mother nor anyone else could see. Not even her mother knows about this, instead chalking it up to Suze having some odd phobia against old buildings.

When her mother remarries, Suze picks up her live from the hustle and bustle of the big apple to move to sleepy Carmel, California. She sees her first unfortunate soul living in her bedroom in a very old refurbished home that used to be a hotel/inn. His name is Jesse, he was a nineteenth century cowboy and, boy, is he hot. And he refuses to leave. (P.S. If you guys have any sexy adorable male ghosts you’d like to get rid of, send ’em my way).

On Suze’s very first day of school, she encounters Heather, one pissed off ghost bitch that Suze has replaced at her ultra exclusive school. Not only that, Heather tries to kill the boyfriend she committed suicide for. Suze saves his life as a wooden beam almost crushes him, infuriating Heather off and making her hellbent on hurting Suze.

This was such a light, quick summer read that I consumed within a couple of short hours, with no long boring scenes of nothingness to fill the pages. I’m keeping my eye out for the rest of the series to read!

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  1. I didn’t want to spoil anything for you! That would defeat the purpose of reading the series. Duh. So glad you liked it! This has to be one of my favorite series EVER. I’ve read them all twice and plan to do another re-read next year.


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