I’m still alive…

… but I’m barely breathing.

So, I haven’t been the BEST reviewer lately. Not even in top 1000000000. But I digress. This upcoming week is FINALS WEEK!

Luckily, I’ve already taken 2 of my finals and my rec class doesn’t have one. That still, however, leaves three finals left. So technically I’m half done but too much at once. My professors are kind of jerks and didn’t give us ANYTHING to go by, so I basically have to study 100 powerpoints with 50+ slides and hopefully study THE RIGHT THINGS. Sigh. The easiest will likely be Principles of Physical Science II since the teacher graciously gave us all of our tests from the semester for us to study with. The other two courses will be brutal.

The worst thing is that I didn’t even procrastinate really! I’ve had relentless papers due all semester long so it was nearly impossible to get ahead, because when I finished one thing I had maybe a day to rest before having to set off on the next.

Anyway, moving on – I’ll be done with my finals on Wednesday! Which is much better than Emma, who has three weeks left (sorry, hon!) I’ve got THREE reviews to write, and I will try and get them by the end of week (or the end of next week, since today is technically the end of the week).

So, thanks for reading, and wish me luck! I’ll need all of the help I can get.

Stay tuned for reviews of:

  • Never Cry Werewolf – Heather Davis
  • Demonic Dora – Claire Chilton
  • The Elite – Keira Cass (which I read in 4 hours and then immediately collapsed into bed at 4 am this morning).

Hope you all have a lovely week, and for any of you that may have finals these next couple of weeks – kick those pesky exams in the derriere.

And don’t forget to walk out like a badass after.


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