30 Day Challenge, Day 25


Uh oh! Five more days left of the challenge. Yikes. What in the world am I gonna blog about after THAT’S over?

Alrighty, today’s topic is:

Someone who fascinates you and why.

I don’t really know. Perhaps who I’ll marry? It’s weird, thinking that your future husband is off living his life, doing his own thing, and I probably haven’t met him yet, but he’ll be part of my future and me his, and we possibly don’t even know who one or other is.

Or what if one day I’m standing on a platform waiting for a train and the stranger standing next to me is totally and completely my soul mate? I don’t believe in soul mates, of course, but humor me for a minute.

I’m talking about out of six billion people on this planet and this is MY guy, like true destiny. What if he looks at me and he knows that I’m his one or whatever and I don’t and the moment he’s going to introduce himself – it’s fate, everything relies on this second – some homeless guy tries to bum change off him, and being the super cool guy that he is, he stops to give the bum some change.  But while he’s at it, my train pulls in, and I get on and speed off to my break gray future and never meet him. What if that happens?

What if it’s already happened?  What if I’ve met the guy I’m supposed to be with and I just… I let him slip through my fingers. There’s the whole “choices” paranoia.

So yeah, my person interests me. Even if I don’t know a thing about him, or even if I do and don’t know it.

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