30 Day Challenge, Day 23 & 24



Ah, so I’m a few minutes late. About ten past midnight, as I start writing this.. There have been storms ALL over the state today, and tonight they predicted a tornado landing around my town, and we left for a couple hours until most of the warnings died down. Anywaaaaaay, hope you guys had a safe and happy Christmas! Todays challenge is:

Something that you miss.

To be honest, there’s nothing really I miss. My childhood wasn’t great, my preteen years were horrible, and the only thing I can maybe say I miss was a friendship or two, even though those people were bad for me and I shouldn’t miss that.

This post is major fail. Perhaps I should do today challenge now since it’s technically the 26th?

Alrightyyyy, today’s is:

Five words/phrases that make you laugh.

I can’t pick a definitive list of five words or phrases that make me laugh – it’s a constantly changing thing, but I love Harry Potter pickup lines and lines from Heathers.

Jeez, failbloggin‘ today. Coming up next: book review! weee!

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  1. Harry Potter pick up lines are the best! I love them too.


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