30 Day Challenge, Day 22


Merry Christmas Eve, ladies and gents and Time Lords! Hope you all are having a wonderful day with your family, spreading Christmas cheer! I’m not really celebrating this year, so my days been full of Doctor Who and ugly sobbing over the Merlin finale. Gosh, it was so depressing and ugh, I cried a little bit. I was just a tad bit disappointed that – SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A MERLIN FAN AND HAVE NOT SEEN THE FINALE – Morgana died that easily instead of there being some big magical thundering show-down with Merlin. And she didn’t get to take Arthur to Avalon in the legends! Poor Merlin, losing his best friend and cursed with immortality so he lives forever, waiting until Arthur rises again.

Anywho, if you’re a fan, how did you like the end?

I thought it was so sad. I made a few noises that weren’t quite human.

Emma’s watching it now, and hopefully the tragedy inspires us to start up writing our co-written story, The Lost Princess. Since the legend of Arthur has sooooo many discrepancies and there’s so many, we took it onto ourselves earlier this year to write our own legend.

Anyway! On to the challenge.

How have you changed in the last 2 years?

I don’t know. I guess some of us aren’t good at seeing how we change, because we’re with ourselves constantly that we don’t even notice any progression. But, if I had to say, I’ve grown up some. I’m more mature, and of course, older. I don’t think my personality has changed much, but my outlook on life is possibly a bit drearier. I’m starting to see how fake people are, and stopped hanging out with some people. My art’s gotten better, a little less cynical and dark. I don’t go out and party with my friends as much, either.

I’ve gotten better at graphics (mostly thanks to Photoshop) and writing! At least, I hope my writing is improved some in two years because I was awful then, and I hope I’m not as awful as I was.

Physically… my hairs gotten longer? Two years ago I was a vegan, and got sick a lot from deficiencies, and my family didn’t support me and wouldn’t buy me stuff I would actually eat, so I had gotten very malnourished and all that jazz. I’ve gained some weight now and look more healthier, since I have no problem throwing down a 20 piece mcnugget meal, though my arteries may be suffering.

I would say the main thing is that I stopped giving a rats bum what people think of me, whereas two years ago I did. Also I’m not as stupid.

And I finally passed my last college math courses in April. Thank the heavens.

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  1. I liked that Merlin took Arthur to Avalon – since it was insinuated that his body was laid to rest there like in the legends – instead of Morgana, since all she wanted to do was frexing kill him. Not at all how she felt in the legends. Morgana was WAY darker in the series. I was like YES! FINALLY SHE DIED. Hmph. But it was sad. Then I commenced to reblogging the shiz out of Merlin on tumblr xD


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