30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21


Your favorite subject to study and why.

This is going to sound very, very weird. Butttt…

I like to study serial killers.

Yeah, I’m weird.

I don’t know, I just find them fascinating. NOT that I’m a crazy psycho that already has a plan on where to hide a body… Okay, well, yes, I’ve thought about it. NOT that I intend to kill anyone anytime soon, or ever. I study Criminal Justice in college, and it fascinates me, reading about serial killers and whatnot. Mostly the entire field, not just serial killers. Blood splatter analysis, crime scene investigation, fingerprinting (which is a bi*ch to lift fingerprints from things, letmetellyou). Maybe I’m just creepy.

I also love studying some aspects of history. I’m obsessed with Ancient Egypt and the Salem Witch trials. And anything that’s haunted.

…. okay, maybe I’m a little weird.

Or a lot.

At least if I turn into a blood splatter analysis slash serial killer, I know there’s always a reality show for me. I could be the next Dexter.

Justtttt kidding.

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