30 Day Challenge, Day 19


Five items you lust after.

If money was no object and I could just buy whatever I wanted just for the hell of it, I’d buy:

1. Books. Because I love to read and books are my sin.

2. iPhone, preferably on Verizon. My phone and plan sucks.

3. A laptop. I’m a senior in college without a decent laptop. I have an iPad (forced on me by my college), but I hate the damned thing. I like keyboards. I like being able to download freaking eBooks, or anything for that matter, which other than pictures, iPad does not let me do. I hate touch screens. I do have a shitty acer, but it takes twenty minutes just to start it up and go through the process of connecting and then getting on the internet. Then it goes slower than a snail. I’d just love to have a new one that isn’t craptastic, so I could write or read in my room or wherever, not stuck on a bloody desktop.

4. A new wardrobe. I’d love to just buy a bunch of new clothes without worrying about the price. Most of my clothing costs less than 20 bucks each, and I’d like to have more dressy items instead of wearing tshirts and jeans all the time.

5. A vacation. I’ve never been on a real one. The most I’ve been is a 2 day beach trip really. Family vacations suck, we always go somewhere in the middle of nowhere and then do nothing. Boring. I’d like to go somewhere I want to go.

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