30 Day Challenge, Day 15


Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Yikes. That might take me some time, I’m really uninteresting.

1. I’m obsessed with the idea of reincarnation. I don’t believe in it, but wouldn’t it be cool? To know you’ve lived before, and could have flashbacks of a past life? I don’t know, I find it really fascinating. I even use the theme in one of my novels in progress.

2. I’m very specific about bottled water. I hate anything that isn’t Pure Life. Some people who don’t drink bottled water religiously like me (my mum) doesn’t understand why I’m very specific on it. After a while of drinking it, you become a bit taste specific. Or, well, I did. To me, all the different brands taste differently, and now I feel like, for example, Pure Life and Aquafina are as different as Coca Cola and Pepsi. And I will  not drink Pepsi.

3. I’m left handed. Only about 11 percent of us in the world.

4. I can pick up stuff with my toes. Not just small things like socks or keychains, but big things. Ashtrays, bottles, remotes. It’s a pretty useless skill.

5. I am fluent in three languages. English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.

6. I’m more awake at night than in the day. One Summer I messed up my sleeping habits so bad that I slept like a Vampire, waking up at 8pm and going to bed at like 10am.

7. I used to be a ballet teacher.

8. I read the last Harry Potter book the day it came out in 4 hours.

9. I’m Swedish, German, and Scotch-Irish. I was actually born in Stockholm.

10. I have one tattoo, from the Quran, “After Hardship comes ease,” in Arabic. I’m Christian.

11. I named my kids years ago, but they constantly change. Right now they’re Brooklyn, Aria, Landon, and Mikhail.

12. I’m a Criminal Justice major. Every career I’ve ever wanted has been in the CJ field. I’ve known I wanted to major in CJ by sixth grade. That’s dedication.

13. I have two middle names – Fayelynn Angel.

14. My favorite color is Turquiose.

15. My mood fluctates easily. I can be utterly livid one minute and calm the next.

Sorry for the suffering of boredom you likely received reading that.

Oh, and the side picture is of me and my baby cousin, Alex. Isn’t he the cutest thing. He was unhappy with Santa. Poor baby.

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  1. My mom is the same about water. I do not understand. And I drink plenty of water. Not religiously. But most of the time. It’s something I will never get.


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