30 Day Challenge, Day 13


Where you’d like to move or visit.

Oh, wow. There’s a million places I want to visit. Croatia, Great Britain, you name it. I want to see everything, experience everything. I want to live in London and Italy. I don’t want to sit in one or two places in my lifetime, not knowing whats out there, not being able to experience the beauty of other cultures.

I want to walk the timeless streets of Pompeii, look up at the pyramids of Giza, bask in the beauty of the Northern Lights,hike Mount Kilimanjaro, and feel the spray of water of Iguazu Falls.

There’s a place in my town where they have replicas of Hera’s Temple and other marvels to behold confined in a garden at 7 bucks a person. I went with my friend a couple years ago, and I didn’t want to see these tiny replicas. I want to see the real thing. How could anyone truly live in this world without seeing its wonders? Seeing remnants of fallen societies and realize just how long man has been around. It feels infinitesimal, like it has been here since the creation. Cities change, new walmarts are built, and stores are boarded up, but even if its been around for a hundred years, it holds nothing to the structures that have been around for centuries and still, through weather and disaster, still hold most of its standing, not letting it be forgotten.

I know, I’m a sap. I made a bucket list a few years ago, and only two of two hundred or so have been accomplished. I want to accomplish most of these – kayak in class IV rapids, journey through the Amazon Rainforest, trek along Venice before the continent shifts turn it into an underwater Atlantis, sail along the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Everything. It’s hard to imagine from what little of the world I’ve seen that there’s so much beauty out there. But there is. And I need to see it.

Honestly, I can’t write it all in this post. It’d take too long.

I want to see everything. If you know me well, you might know I’m obsessed with certain cultures and pieces of history. Ancient Egypt, check. Take me down in the pyramids anyday. I’ve got the heart of Eliza Thornberry. If only I could talk to animals, too.

I have a disease.

I’m utterly infected with wanderlust.

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