30 Day Challenge, Day 2


Ah, my last final will be tomorrow. Thank the heavens. I miss reading. It’s like an extension of my soul if there is such a thing. Okay, so, day two for the challenge!

Something you feel strongly about.

How women are treated.

“A key that opens lots of locks is a good key. A lock that can be opened by lots of keys is a shit lock.” Don’t even get me started on how much I hate that phrase. Even though we’ve come so far in the past one hundred years, I feel like every step we take, we take two steps back. Recently, this random guy I’ve never spoken to before in my life chatted me up for ten minutes about mediocre topics, then asked me on a date. When I said no, he went and told all his friends I was a slut and a bitch. Wow, and you wonder why you can’t get a date. That is not okay.

Even by how other women treat us, it’s harsh. We all live in a male-dominated society, and instead of us sticking together – we trash the other. For example, a guy has sex with twenty girls, and he’s a manwhore to women, and a legend to his friends. A girl has sex with one guy, who she has been in a good relationship with, and somehow, she’s a whore. Ah, yes. Our old friend, the sexual double standard. Girls are chastised for that which boys are congratulated.

Girls are being singled out and bullied, whether or not their even having sex, because girls are supposed to be sexy, but not too sexy. Too sexy means slutty and, in the immortal words Angelina from Jersey Shore, “sluts get abused.”

We as women are probably used to being trash talked by guys at some point in our life, but by our own gender?

Blah, sorry. This post was kind of everywhere. I’ve had a nasty cold for the past week and my minds all over the place.

Til tomorrow.

xx Anna

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